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Name: kevin
Age: 15
Location: naples (palmetto ridge)

Have you ever...?

Streaked: no.
Gone Skinny Dipping: no.
Stolen something: yes.
If Yes, from where and what was it: Independence Day on VCR when I was like 7...and if that doesn't make me a naked criminal...I truthful;y don't know what will.
Picked a flower for someone: yes.....shut. the fuck. up.

Why should we...?

Like You: how could you not like me, btchz?!
Accept you:'re going to accept me.....because stephani and alicia said so!
I'm not going to include any pictures...because I don't have any pictures. ask alicia, stephani, nicole, amanda, wendel, or jenni if you really need to know.
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