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Name: Caley
Age: 15 (16 Very soon)
Location: Naples, Fl

Have you ever...?

Streaked: Mm'hm down 5th ave. till we got to cambeiure (sp?) park
Gone Skinny Dipping:Mm'hm well we went pool hopping in pittsburgh and skinny dipped at the same time. :D
Stolen something:xD Yush.
If Yes, from where and what was it: Basically the whole mall and barens and nobles.
Picked a flower for someone:Everyday at lunch.

Why should we...?

Like You: Because i am the Caleymyster..xD and You should love me becaus ei love you. <33
Accept you:Because My stupidity is Humourous. :D
TWO PICTURES.. AND ONLY TWO (or more, but only if your name starts with W and ends in... endel.)and they better be ones that make me want to go out and steal for you.. If you're un-able to put them because you're stupid and don't have any... We better be getting a DAMN good reason why.

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